The Great Commission and…Bra’s?

What does the Great Commission have to do with bras? Well – I’m sure one could have an interesting discussion about that, but in this story it involves a bra factory!

Every faculty member at IGSL coaches a student-led field ministry team that does grass roots ministry of evangelism and discipleship every week. The team this school year has been a group that has been pioneering a ministry among over 300 workers at a bra factory. The owner is a Christian and goes to church with one of our alumni Victor. They started to dream and to help launch this ministry, IGSL assigned a student team as well.

The team this year below includes students from Bhutan, Nepal, Pakistan, and the Philippines. I’ve been coaching this team and helping them strategize and plan for their ministry efforts. It’s a challenge since the non-international students don’t speak Tagalog and the workers are low English, but the team is faithfully building relationships and building trust with the students as they lead a weekly gathering where testimonies are shared and Biblical life skills are being taught as a vehicle for deeper conversation with individuals after.

Some have come to Christ, but most are nominal Catholic or belong to various pseudo-Christian cults that are quite prominent in the Philippines. However, after a year of faithful sowing, they are poised to take significant steps towards getting discipleship going within the factory. In June, a retreat has been planned with 15-20 Christians that have been surfaced from this year’s efforts, where they can be given basic evangelism and discipleship training to join in the next step of the outreach strategy.

This is just one of the environments in which our students are learning to have ministries. The Philippines allow for more open doors than most other places so we’re grateful because it allows for great training moments. Pray for Victor, Aaron, and the team as they continue their ministry at the bra factory and that they would see trained disciplers raised up from within the ranks of the workers.

They have wisely taken it slow for the sake of trust building, but the doors are opening for much more in the coming months. Please pray also for the ownership that is passionate and motivated to see their 300 employees come to Christ and for the two hundred other students involved in other weekly ministry opportunities as well – pray that these experiences provide a foundation of lifelong ministry and impact.

And pray for the success of the bra business as well, because as long as they are doing well, there are a lot of employees that are learning about Jesus Christ. So yes – bras are furthering the Great Commission!  🙂

In Christ,
Brian & Christine

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