The Superb Staff of IGSL

It’s been about a year since I (Brian) joined the executive leadership team at IGSL and became the Director of Leadership Development and Human Resources. This role has meant that I oversee the development and care of not just the fifty or so IGSL full-time faculty, but also the fifty employees who help administrate the school. I was nervous at first because this is a more extensive cross-cultural leadership experience than working with most of the faculty here, but these people have really endeared themselves to us in our time here and especially the last year.

These are some amazing people and servants of the Lord. Seven are bi-vocational pastors and all of them participate in our ministry week outreaches alongside the faculty and students. It’s an incredible blessing to have mechanics, gardeners, construction workers, administrative assistants, registrars and IT workers who not only support IGSL through their daily service but who live out the IGSL vision of helping fulfill the Great Commission through disciple-making in their communities.

We’re highlighting this great group above because they are a part of our ministry and yours! It’s our privilege to steward their gifts and abilities while also providing spiritual development, care, and professional development. This is an investment in them that touches IGSL as well as the many churches they are helping lead and ministering to in Quezon City, Manila.

In the last six months over half of our staff have shifted in their roles or taken on very new job descriptions as a result of our reorganization. Please pray for them as they learn on the job and continue to grow with us as co-laborers in the gospel.

Also pray for me and my team – that we would shepherd them wisely and help each of them, along with the faculty, to maximize their unique contributions to IGSL’s vision. And please pray that we would care for them well and provide quality leadership to help our faculty and staff partner well cross-culturally.

We have an amazing team of almost 100 faculty and school staff that serve the students of IGSL together. It’s a great picture of the body of Christ in that we all have different roles, but when we all do our parts with the motivation of honoring Christ above all the results are beautiful and God shines through. As God leads, please pray with us for our employees and their families – they are a huge part of our school’s impact!

In Christ,
Brian & Christine

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