Hear IGSL’s President Share Radical Forgiveness Testimony

One of the great experiences of being at IGSL has been to be exposed to some phenomenal leaders who truly love God.  IGSL’s President, “Kuya” Tom Roxas has been with IGSL for over 30 years and his passion and sensitivity to the Spirit of God is a big part of IGSL’s spiritual compass.  We’ve learned so much, especially Brian now that he is serving with Tom on IGSL’s Executive Leadership Team.
God has opened many doors of ministry for Tom in Manila, and one big reason is his personal testimony of forgiveness.  We’ve attached a recent video where he shares his personal story of dealing with forgiveness after his brother was murdered.  God has used Tom and this story to see hundreds of people come to Christ and most recently he shared this with the whole support staff of the President of the Philippines’ Senate.
We’re so grateful for his leadership and wanted you to get a taste of what we get to experience on a regular basis. This is 8 minutes worth your time!


Thank you for journeying with us, praying, and making it possible to raise up leaders for God’s church and mission in Asia.  In Christ!

                             Brian & Christine

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