Family Update: U.S. Arrival Edition

We made it back to the U.S. a few days ago! Coming from hot season in Manila, Southern California has felt like the frozen tundra 🙂   This week it has been great to see Brian’s family and we’ve been trying to do about 6 months of doctor’s and dental appointments in the one week we’re here before we go to Christine’s parents all the while battling jet lag.

Please pray we maximize these couple of weeks we have as it is really not enough time to connect with all we want to before we leave for the CRU training in Colorado in early June. 
Here are some initial prayer requests for us:

      • For quality connection for us and our kids with our extended families.
      • That we would be able to squeeze in all needed medical appointments, including orthodontic consultations (we’re at that age!) and Morgan’s orthopedic doctor, in the limited time here.
      • For healthy and honest processing as we go through cultural “re-entry.” We are already processing a lot of complex emotions regarding our reality of living in between two worlds and there’s a deep strangeness to coming back that includes a confusing blend of celebration, grieving, confusion, and gratefulness.

PS:  From some of our special need appeals over the past year, we want to celebrate with you that the Lord has provided through many of you the full amount we need for our summer expenses this summer! We’ve now been advised to focus on raising emergency funds in case we have to take a sudden return trip to the U.S.  But it is a huge relief and source of thankfulness for us this summer that we can focus on helping our kids process their third culture reality and the missions training we are attending.

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