Bridging the Prof-Student Gap

We introduced you to Amiyo from Bangladesh last week. One of the cross-cultural things that was at work in ministry week was between him and I. It was the first real time I had to get to know him after the returning from the U.S.  Early on he wouldn’t look me in the eye and always was trying to carrying my bags or suitcase when we were traveling.

Many of our students come from contexts where professors are very distant and have high status. One of the powerful parts of IGSL life is seeing that distance decrease and transform into real relationships and friendships. Amiyo still wants to carry my bags out of respect, but he now looks me in the eyes and is feeling comfortable joking with me and bringing his real self to our group and in his interactions with me.  This is where we get to model a different paradigm of leadership, authority, and power modeled after Christ and it’s always a powerful contrast to some of what our students after experienced previously.

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