A Stretching Month!

It’s been a while since our last email update, but we’re excited to share some of what has been going on in ministry here at IGSL, some family updates, and a brief update on Abbas and Nasima from Bangladesh who we shared about a year ago. We’d love your prayers now as we come off a really demanding October and for the items below.

Perhaps the biggest challenge is that I (Brian) was designated to be the Interim Executive Director of IGSL in mid-September. So I have been running the school day-to-day and leading our executive leadership team. This has been quite the challenge as we are right in the middle of a curriculum revision process and restructuring our doctoral programs. This has been on top of my normal role Directing Human Resources and Leadership Development and regular functions like teaching and mentoring students. This role will continue through early January when the Executive Director returns from a long furlough.  Please pray for my capacity and wisdom in guarding my priorities and time with family!

We are currently in the middle of our 2nd Term. Christine has been helping teach the Ministry Communication Class in the Partners in Ministry Program and has done a fair amount of faculty care coming alongside some of our new faculty wives and moms. I am teaching our introduction to Servant Leadership course with our 1st-year students. Please pray for us as we teach and work with our students. We have 4 couples from our mentoring small groups that graduate in April so we are starting to prepare them for their upcoming transitions back to ministry in their countries.

October is also the month where I have a lot of my doctoral intensives. We celebrated in September the completion of my 1st year of PhD program in Peace Studies! Year 2 began about the same time. In October, I did a few weeks of courses facilitated on conflict negotiation, conflict coaching, and conflict mediation with special emphasis on cross-cultural contexts. The primary professor for these modules used to work for the state department around the world and then spent many years as one of the top guys for Peacemakers on the International side. They were great weeks and these courses will go through the end of February. So the journey continues, but please pray that with everything else going on I can still be diligent and forge ahead in the program.

But as you see above – our family continues our cross-cultural journey here in Manila. It’s Kaelyn’s birthday today and she celebrated yesterday on her school field trip by riding a Carabao! These moments bring a lot of joy because they are just so out of the box for us.  Kaelyn turns 7.  Last week we celebrating Colin’s 10th birthday.  We came to Manila when Kaelyn was 2 and Colin was 5 so they both have now spent over half of their lives in Manila! Please keep praying for them and for Morgan as they navigate their 3rd culture journeys!

Thank you all for your prayers and support!We continue to see God increase our impact and contribution to the ministry beyond what we could have imagined (and sometimes beyond what we even desired!) but God is good and faithful and we continue to see His hand at work in our family and our ministry. Thank you for being such a great part of this adventure!

Partnering With You,
Brian & Christine


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