Update on Abbas

Last week I was able to spend some time with Abbas. A year ago we shared about how his father in law was martyred by Islamic Radicals with a machete in the street. Abbas was in Manila for a Muslim ministry conference and it was a blessing and challenging to fellowship with him. I and others have struggled to know how to come alongside Abbas. Talking in person allowed me understand so much more of his situation.

He has stayed in his town, despite being blackballed from employment and multiple attacks from Muslims and angry family members because he has 6 house churches he has been leading that are watching. He has feared some would return to Islam because the pressure is so great-so they have stayed at great risk to themselves.

Abbas’ wife Nasima is pregnant and they will have their 1st children after 9 years of marriage next month – but this heightens their decision even more. He senses it might be time for them to move because he thinks it is growing more hostile and they will need more help with the baby than they will get. Please pray for wisdom and for God’s protection and that Abbas and Nasima would connect to other Christian workers in Bangladesh!


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