More Epic Conference Testimonials

Here are a couple more testimonials from the Epic West Conference in San Francisco that I came across and was encouraged by.  Hopefully you are too.

Paula Lee – Epic at UC Irvine

“I was able to learn so much more about God’s
plan and what He has in store for me. I went sharing
for the first time at Epic Conference and it was
so cool to see how God provides and uses us in
ways we don’t imagine. Epic Conference was also
an experience to physically see a glimpse of His
Kingdom, to see students from everywhere across
the west coast for one reason, for Him. I had a
great experience and look forward to whatever He
has planned.”

Trinh Ly – Epic at UC Irvine

I learned many new things during this trip. One
thing that stands out to me during this conference
was from a seminar I attended. I went to a seminar
that was called “Have you made the wonderful discovery
of the Spirit-filled life?” I learned more
about the Holy Spirit and my life will never be the

Epic East Coast Update

Hi all from Philly!

On an exciting note (and politics aside) – it was cool to be here when Ba. Obama hopped on his historic trainride here in Philly to head to the inaugural in Washington, paying homage to the same route Lincoln took.  Very cool.

The conference has been awesome.  I’ve really been enjoying it thus far.  The conference is about 150 staff and students and there’s a cool vibe to the conference that feels a lot different from even what I experienced at last year’s East Coast conference in D.C.  I’m very much encouraged by what God is doing.

The speaker, “Pastor Kenji” has connected very well and is speaking powerfully from the word to their unique situation as Asian American students.  He’s really been on target and speaking to the areas that need attention and the hand of Christ.

We’re about to start a informational lunch to meet with juniors and seniors who are interested in exploring what it means to intern with us as campus staff for a year or two or even go on STINT, which is interning in an international location with one of our international partnerships.  It looks like there will be about 20 students there.  Pray that over half take the step of applying for an internship!

The seminars start in an hour and half and my dad and I will do our seminar at 2:00 eastern time.  I think we’re ready to go and excited about it.

Thanks for your prayers – there’s great things taking place.

In Him,


Prayer Requests (Jan 13)

Prayer Requests

  • We have our annual Epic Conferences from Jan. 15-19 in San Jose, CA and Philadelphia, PA.  I’ll be heading out to the Philadelphia Conference to be with our staff and students from the east coast. Christine and the kids are taking advantage of my being gone east by visiting her sister in Colorado during the same time.
  • My dad and I are giving a seminar at the Epic Conference in Philly titled “The ‘I’ in Mission.”  We’ll be talking about how one’s identity is part of being involved in God’s Mission.  You can pray for us!
  • I’ll be overseeing the process in Philly of conducting staff interviews for student leaders who sense a calling to join CCC staff with Epic.  Pray that between San Jose and Philly that we are able to conduct 20 interviews with potential Epic staff!
  • We’re working to launch a student version of our epic movement launching course in late Feb!  We’ll be trying to get the word out this weekend so that Epic student leaders can learn about the opportunity for this training that is designed just for them!

Thanks for Your Prayers!

January 09 Prayer Letter

January 2009 Prayer Letter

Happy New Year!!

Dear Friends,

As we move into the new year we wanted to share with you one of our highlights from December and probably all of 2008 was a meeting that I (Brian) helped facilitate a few weeks back between many on my Epic HR team and from Epic at large with Dr. John Townsend from New Life Ministries ( The overall campus ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ established a partnership with Dr. Townsend and his partner Dr. Henry Cloud about 15 years ago in the effort of providing a model or paradigm to help with intentional character and leadership development. They’ve written many a book – you might have come across them.

I’ve been leading a working group for the past few months to explore and reframe some of their material so that it stays true to a Biblical paradigm of growth and maturity, but also resonates better culturally within the Asian American community – eliminating any unnecessary cultural stumbling blocks that may hinder students and staff from thinking more holistically about who they are and what God is doing in their lives.

This has been a very challenging process and it has stretched me greatly as a Caucasian trying to think from a different perspective. Christine and have continued to learn so much this year in this regard! It’s a huge challenge, but our calling to build leaders of character and integrity demands that we go after this. Having a model that resonates with Asian American values and language is very important to our vision of seeing these leaders raised up across the country, reproducing other leaders and teams and student leaders of character and integrity.

Our meeting was really awesome and I appreciated Townsend’s leadership and humility. It’s so nice when you get in a more intimate setting with a big time leader, but he doesn’t act big time. He was down to earth, asked questions when he needed to, but was very comfortable with his cross-cultural limitations regarding the question of how people of other ethnic groups experience his material and content. I think I was most encouraged by how energized he was in recognizing the depth of the need for what we’re trying to do in the Asian American community and how by the end he was using “we” language as we tried to determine our next steps.

We’ll see where this relationship and partnership goes, but what a great highlight for Epic in 2008 as a whole as well as for us personally. You can pray for us all we we continue to make progress in this challenging, but exciting endeavor.


As we try to keep you up to speed on what’s going on with Epic, we want to give a brief update on the development of WSN in Epic. As you remember, we used to serve in WSN – the campus ministries international sending arm of Campus Crusade. Here’s an update I borrowed from a friend who’s helping establish WSN for Epic:

“Right now our short-term priorities are focused on establishing leaders for our six summer projects and planning out how we will brief (training, team building, general prep) and debrief (evaluate, reflect, celebrate, deal with re-entry) our summer project teams.

A longer-term goal we have is to establish partnerships with three countries. Two countries will be Asian (e.g., Japan) and one will be a country with a large number of ‘displaced Asians.’ This term refers to Asians that have immigrated to other countries (for our purpose, anything besides the States.) For example Sao Paulo, Brazil has the largest population of Japanese outside of Japan.”

It’s fun to think about the possibilities for Epic in making an international impact for Christ and I’ll be joining in some of those discussions soon as we begin to partner with WSN and HR in Epic in sending equipped and healthy teams to launch movements all around the world.

Epic Conferences Update

I just got this update on how things are shaping up for our Epic Conferences on Martin Luther King Jr. weekend.  We have 1 in SF and one in Philly.  You can be praying that the Lord draws more students to these great venues for life change and ministry equipping.  Pray for the students coming already, for more to come, and that the Epic conferences raise up laborers and leaders on campus!

Epic Conference 09 East Coast: (as of Dec 5, 2008- end of Early Reg. period):
21 staff registered
100 students in the CRS tool:
87 Pre-Registered (staying in the hotel)
7 Pre-Registered Commuters

Epic Conference 09 West Coast: (as of Dec 5, 2008- end of Early Reg. period):
23 staff registered
218 students in the CRS tool: (plus 4 additional mail in reg.)
190 Pre-Registered (staying in the hotel)
11 Pre-Registered Commuters

November 08 Letter Update

Hi Friends!

Greetings to you as we enter the holiday season! We love this season of the year, partly because we begin to see some of the fruit of all the hard work that goes into starting the school year – especially on campuses all around the nation. Our movement launching training course is still under way. About 20 Epic or other CCC staff have finished with another 15 set to wrap things up shortly. It’s been fun to get feedback of how this training and process of leadership development is translating to new movements launched on the field, new laborers for the Kingdom, and new believers!

“Since the beginning of the training, we as a team have seen significant steps to launching movements. We have been apart of 3 movement launches. But the confidence that the training has given our team has been very useful when considering whywe launch, and how to do it. We are continually thinking of how to launch on other campuses and plan to launch 3 more movements before January. We’re excited about what God might do through these 6 movements, and consider it a joy to be a part of what God is doing.” — Epic Staff Member, Univ. of Texas

“A couple of us were meeting a student leader from Columbia and she said to Lara (Epic Staff, NYC). ‘Recently when you read from Luke 10 & 11, it was like God said very clearly to me about that I need to go into ministry when I graduate (Internship). It was very powerful how God used His word and what you said.’ Later I asked Lara how it felt to be so clearly used by God. She laughed a bit and said that she loved it! Then, she went on to say that she had gotten inspired through the class and had felt a very strong motivation about communicating what she had observed from Luke 10 & 11 from that assignment in the class. — Epic Staff Member, New York City

Obviously these are difficult economic times. We want you to know we’re praying for you – for God’s peace and provision. Some have asked about how we are doing in light of these realities so we want to give a brief update and also let you know how you can help us if you are in a position to. We have lost about $400-$500 in monthly support over the past 7 months which is significant for us. That adds up as the months go by. God has been faithful to provide some of that loss back in the form of some generous one time gifts, but the need is still there. We are trusting the Lord right now for $5000 in one-time, special gifts right now to
help with the immediate impact of this loss of support and for $400 in new monthly support.

If you are in a position to, please pray about joining our time financially or even increasing your current commitment.  We’re so energized by what God is doing right now among Asian Americans and all college students and we’re thankful for the opportunity to trust God with you for new believers, new movements, & Christ-centered leaders.

In this season know that we are extremely thankful for the Lord’s provision, His guidance, and for your partnership and generosity. We appreciate you!

In His Name,
Brian, Christine,
Morgan & Colin

Training Servant Leaders For the Great Commission in Asia