Thanksgiving 08

Hi Friends!

We hope this finds you well as we enter Christmas season.  Holidays can have
their ups and downs, but we love this part of the year for some of the
opportunities to connect with family and have renewed focus on the
incarnation of Jesus.  It¹s an amazing thing to consider for sure!

Thanksgiving was a mixed bag of sorts.  We got the news about the passing of
my grandmother, my dad¹s mom, the week before Thanksgiving.  The viewing and
memorial service were scheduled for the Tuesday and Wednesday just before
Thanksgiving and with some very generous financial help we  were able to
take our whole family out to the 900 person town of Shannon, Illinois.
There were definitely moments of great sadness and loss.  For Delma was much
loved and respected and she¹s left a deep imprint on all of us ­ her 5 kids,
18 grandchildren, and 32 great-grandchildren.  However, at 94, she had been
long ready to meet her Lord ­ and at that we have much to celebrate.  The
week provided a spontaneous family reunion of sorts as well as I¹ve not seen
anyone on this side of the family apart from my grandma in over 10 years.
It was a neat time to reconnect with some folks and walk through the
experience with others who have had similar experiences.  It was very
special as so many have heard about or seen pictures of our kids, Morgan
especially, yet never have seen them in person.  It was in this context that
we celebrated thanksgiving ­ where there was some sadness, but great cause
to be thankful as well.

We appreciate you and as we¹ve been contemplating in this season for us, the
brevity of life and the weight of eternity, we¹re so thankful to be
partnered with you in this great endeavor of seeing student¹s lives changed
­ both here on earth and forever!

We aim to send out our 08 Christmas card in the next week or so.  If you did
not receive a hard copy of this letter in the mail we do not have your
address.  We¹d love to send you our Christmas card ­ but we need your
address to do it!  Can you reply and give us your current address in the
next few days?  We¹d love to include you for our Christmas card.

As you¹ll read in the letter, we¹ve included some ways you can help us meet
some financial needs as we approach the end of the year.  A link to our
online giving page is right below:…

Thank you so much and we¹re praying for God¹s presence and blessing on your
lives and families this special season,

Brian & Christine

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Do You Want to See It?

Do You Want to See It?
You are invited to check out what we’ve been working
so hard on! We have set up a guest site that is secure.
You won’t be able to see people’s work or download any
files, but you can see what we’re doing and get a feel for it.
1. Visit:
2. Scroll down and select “Epic Movement Launching –
For Guests”
3. Select “Login as Guest” (2nd button down on left)
4. Enter Guest Enrollment Key: EPICGUEST08
(It’s case sensitive)

Family Update Nov08

Hi Friends!

Our next update will be coming soon, but given we just celebrated a big
landmark ­ Colin¹s one year birthday, we wanted to take a time out and
invite you to see some pics of the big day and some video of Colin¹s first

We¹re appreciative of you for many things, but one of those is that we know
that so many are praying for our kids.  You¹re a part of our children¹s
lives and development so we¹re excited to share some of these moments with

Thanks for your prayers for us and for Colin!

Colin¹s First Year Video…

Birthday Pics

In Jesus,
Brian & Christine

September 08 Update

Fall Fruitfulness!!
Dear Friends,
We’ve been praying for you. The last few
weeks have truly been anxious times for so many. We
don’t know how you have been affected by all that is
taking place economically, but we will continue to pray
for God’s presence and provision. You can pray for us
too. We’ve lost a little bit of our monthly support over
the past six months, we continue to be blessed by
your generosity – even in crazy economic times!
For us right now, this season of ministry has
been very fruitful and very exciting. The web-based
leadership development system has been launched
and our new 8-week ministry training on movement
launching and ministry pioneering is live. Right now
we have over 38 full-time staff and interns
involved and taking this course between our
semester and quarter tracks!

The feedback has been very positive thus far.
Some have been surprised by the amount of work
involved, but the feedback has been extremely positive
about its impact and effectiveness for the areas of
ministry and leadership development that we’re going
after. Here are some quotes we’ve heard from some
of the Epic staff taking the course. One staff member
said, “I wish all new staff in the Campus Ministry
were required to go through the content in the
course!” Another confided, “This is the most
development and helpful equipping I’ve
experienced in my years on staff!” We’ll be
soliciting more thorough feedback in a couple weeks,
but those quotes capture some of why we’re
encouraged thus far.

While that feedback is encouraging, we’re
excited that as part of the course, each student taking
the course is required to identify, decode, and
develop a plan to launch a movement within a
specific sub-culture on their campus. Right now that
means that over 30 full-time staff are in the
process of pioneering a new movement of
evangelism & discipleship in an ethnic subculture
on the campuses that they are serving at!
It’s been great to watch them dialogue and
collaborate and learn together. Ministry training in a
lot of places has often been done very individually or
cognitively (i.e. notebook based). But isn’t learning
way more fun when you are doing it with other people
doing the same things?
In His Name,
Brian & Christine

Training Servant Leaders For the Great Commission in Asia